Simple Phones


Never miss a call from a customer. Forward your missed calls, or get a new number, and it will be answered using AI.

Inbound Calls

Calls are answered by a customized AI voice agent which improves over time: your agent can be tweaked on an ongoing basis to improve its performance and handling of edge cases.

Outbound Calls

You can use outbound calling to follow up with customers, stay in touch with leads, and make cold calls to your heart's content — your AI agent is your salesperson.


There is a transparent record of all calls: who they are from, the duration, and a transcript. You can also test your agent without calling it via a chat screen in your dashboard.


Your AI agent can be highly customized to your use case. Whether it be for booking appointments, calculating mortgage payments, or answering FAQs, your customers will be impressed.


Calls can be routed or forwarded to different numbers, and texts, emails, or webhooks can be sent to your team members, alerting them to specific customer needs.


Choose your preferred voice from a wide variety of languages and accents. Also change the timing and wording of certain responses, creating an experience consistent with your brand.


Add your website or FAQ documents to your AI agent so it can answer questions about your content, in addition to the usual things like booking meetings and fulfilling requests.


Simple Phones team is committed to providing a high-quality experience, ensuring that your questions are answered and your agent revisions are implemented quickly and accurately.


Plans start at just $49/mo for 100 calls, which is sufficient to support a wide array of businesses and use cases, and there is no commitment, so you can cancel any time.

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Simple Phones

Telephone, AI Assistant, Workplace, Chatbot, Machine Learning

Never miss a call from a customer. Forward your missed calls, or get a new number, and it will be answered using AI.

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